Get a Dental Implant Restoration After Tooth Extraction

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A dental implants restoration can replace a missing tooth that falls out naturally, gets knocked out or is extracted. A dental implant restoration is often recommended after tooth extraction, as it prevents bone loss from occurring and offers cosmetic and functional benefits. 

Reviewing the purpose and benefits of a dental implant

There are several ways to replace a missing tooth after an extraction, including with a dental implant, partial denture or fixed bridge. The best way to determine which option works best for you is to discuss all three with a dentist. The following is a review of what a dental implant restoration is and when it might be the best solution. 

The purpose of dental implant restoration

Dental implant restoration is a method of tooth replacement. Unlike dentures that are supported by the gums, a metal post is placed into the jawbone to serve as the root of the replacement tooth. This metal post is also called the dental implant. The purpose of the dental implant is to provide a more secure hold to the replacement tooth, and it is permanently fixed, whereas dentures are removable. A dental implant also preserves bone density after a tooth extraction. 

The benefits of a dental implant restoration

The benefits often outweigh the potential drawbacks of dental implant restoration. The reasons to consider dental implant restoration include:

  • Preserved jawbone density
  • Improved appearance
  • Increased confidence
  • Fewer food restrictions
  • Less ongoing maintenance

Many patients prefer a dental implant restoration over a denture or fixed bridge because they are easier to care for, require fewer food restrictions and prevent bone loss in the jaw. Essentially, you care for a dental implant restoration the same way that you would natural teeth. 

When to choose a dental implant restoration

A dental implant restoration may be a better solution than dentures if the patient prefers a replacement solution that is non-removable and lasts longer. In fact, a dental implant restoration can last for more than 20 years if cared for properly. However, a dental implant restoration does require a more extensive process, which includes a minor surgical procedure to place the implant. Bone grafting is often necessary as well. Therefore, patients must be prepared mentally and physically to go through the treatment process, which typically takes around six months. 

The importance of replacing a missing tooth promptly

There are cosmetic, functional and periodontal health benefits to replacing a missing tooth. The longer the patient takes to replace the tooth, the higher the likelihood that bone atrophy and bone loss will occur. By replacing a tooth promptly after extraction with a dental implant restoration, the patient does not have to worry about negative cosmetic consequences or oral health concerns related to the missing tooth. 

Discuss dental implant restoration with our dental team

Dental implant restoration is a great way to improve your smile, oral health and function after tooth extraction. Our dental team can guide you through the treatment process, ensuring that you are comfortable and have answers to your questions along the way.

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